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H.O.G. Pretoria's Valentines Rally to Clarens

Organising Chapter: 

  • Chapter Rally

The scenic town of Clarens is one of the most popular destinations for Harley enthusiasts. It is an easy and relaxing ride on good roads - ideal for a long weekend. You can travel via Golden Gate Nature Reserve through Bethlehem, or take the scenic route from Fouriesburg.  Pretoria Chapter have booked their annual Valentine's Rally at the Mount D’Orr Hotel on the outskirts of town for several years. This is their Second Annual Rally in conjunction with Clearwater Chapter, and they claimed the town square. “Love Is In The Air” took on a total new meaning.

Members were welcomed and received their Rally Packs from Clearwater Chapter. The two chapter rode out to the NG Church in Kestell where they were suprised with a gift, and a spread of snacks enough to feed an army - baked lovingly by the ladies from church.  Clearwater expressed their gratitude to Pretoria for their support in this successful fund raiser.

The H.O.G. spirit came to the fore during a long and winding trek into the heart of Lesotho in search of the real “Lesotho blankets”. We proved that Harley's® can handle steep, rocky sand roads - even if it was with grinding teeth and sweatybrows. 

Only a few members were seen doing the "St. Valentines thing" but boy we ALL showed our Harleys® how much we love them.  Bikes were decorated with hearts and teddies as we lovingly blew off the dust from the petrol tanks after the long ride.  In a haze of “brotherly and sisterly love”, we all enjoyed a special Saturday evening dinner at Mount D’Orr. 

This was definitely a "must do again" Valentines Rally. It was great to meet with everyone from the other Chapters and share riding tips and tales. See you again next year!

  • Editor: Angelique Dermit
  • Photographers:Angelique Dermit, Terrence Milne, Elke Milne  and Deon Ferreir

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