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H.O.G.® Africa Inter-Chapter Games


Saturday, 03 March 2018

Chapter Organiser: 

  • National Event

What riding skills will you need to be a champion at the annual Inter-Chapter Harley Games. Register now for this celebration of the spirit of H.O.G. - it's fun, it's fearless, it's for everyone!

The 4th Annual Inter-Chapter Games returns to Pretoria Harley-Davidson on 3rd March 2018 as the various H.O.G.® chapters battle it out for the title of ICG champions for 2018. In a closely fought contest in 2017, Zambezi Chapter took the trophy from previous winners Johannesburg but were challenged for the title by both Clearwater and Gold Rand chapters.

Will Pretoria use the home ground advantage in 2018 to stake their claim to riding pedigree? Will Joburg rise again? The only way to help your chapter is to enter and ride the events. Only by winning or placing in events can chapters claim points toward the coveted title, bragging rights and glory that goes with a win at this prestigious world series of handling & riding. Okay it’s a world series like the Americans have for baseball, we know that.

Spectators will have plenty on view with hospitality on the day provided by the Pretoria Dealership. Live draws on the day to keep things up tempo and display of fine riding and skill for everyone to enjoy. So make sure to pen the date in your diary and be there to ride for your chapter.

2018 Games

Skills Test Ride

For 2018 the gymkhana is being replaced by a skilled riding course. Less about time, this event challenges the rider with a variety of tasks to complete on the bike. Putting your handling and riding skills to the test.

Lot’o Luck Ride

This game will run for the course of the event and riders may participate as many time as they wish to. Each ride allows a rider and pillion to draw one number from each of 4 containers to make up the lucky number selection for the draw later in the day. The more you enter, the more you can win. If a rider puts down his feet only the numbers already selected will be entered. If a container is missed or a number is dropped by the pillion. It will not be entered for the draw.

Pot Shot

Using a small rope ring, participants aim to maximize the score of the team by throwing the ring onto the highest scoring pegs. Of course in true risk reward style, the pegs worth the most will be placed further from the bike path… no risk no reward. If the rider puts his feet down, the run is scrapped and a score of 0 is entered for the run. Each team gets 2 runs, totalled scores count for positions. Ties will be settled through a run off until a difference is scored.

Water Rush

Each team is given a container with a set amount of water at the beginning of the ride. The team must pour the water into the slide, proceed to the output pipe and recapture as much of the water as they can without putting their feet down. Water in the container at the end is measured, team with the most recaptured water wins. If the rider puts his feet down, the run is scrapped and a score of 0 is entered for the run. Each team gets 2 runs, totalled water collected is scored for positions.

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