Duma Rally 2016 – Bikes in the Berg

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The Duma Rally held at the Gooderson Drankensberg Gardens Golf and Spa Resort enjoyed crisp clear skies over Friday and Saturday but brewed a dark and stormy night the Saturday eve of 23rd July, weather control rumoured rain and a forceful winds. Snow blanketed the Drakensberg Mountain Range and those who attended the Rally had to huddle together for warmth.

No one could say they have not been warned as the Koeksuster outride down to Swartberg Country Club had been more than enough to separate the men from the boys. A perfect excuse to the weather conditions came quite handy when all the riders got lost during the outride, in fact so lost was the Schiller family that a surreptitious detour via Kokstad left them feeling deflated upon return.

Ogies Van Niekerk extended her heartfelt thanks for making their daughter Charne Van Niekerk’s twenty first birthday special. Together with the H.O.G.® Durban committee and Len Barnett arranging with the CEO of Drakensberg Resort the bake of a special twenty first birthday cake. Truly Gold Rand as attendees were made welcome with warm hospitality.

The more the weather turned the more fellow rider Shashi Pillay pensively sipped his Old Brown at the Drakensberg Gardens Pub and silently regretted indulging in the option of purchasing cheaper boots, the thin cotton gloves was nervously churned and buff stolen from friend Syd did not ward off the cold as expected.
The true proof of steel in one’s spine lied in the trip home. Zero Point Five degrees confirmed on digital gauges. By the time the group rode via Boston the descent into madness began in earnest, when frostbite spread from fingers to brain and the water in many a boot turned to ice. Perhaps one of the more fortunate riders was Gillian who could not feel the cold at all even during the snowstorm outside Bulwer.

Then on the other hand you had those in fortune who would have to drive a vehicle carrying the necessities to the Rally. One such person was “Psyco” Syd and it must be said, he was suffering manfully. Dutifully cursing the sloppy engineers on the design of the heater in his warm and comfortable motor vehicle as a cool draft from the side vent irritated the outer edge of his right pinkie finger. Explaining perhaps, his inability to wave with all fingers as he swept imperiously past the hunched and sodden clump of Harley Owners Group riders outside Pietermaritzburg.

A few riders suffering from hypothermia, the cold having firmly shut down their hippocampuses decided that they would clench their ice cubes together and let fly, their brains frozen on the thought of getting home before their fiddly bits fell off.

Drakensberg Gardens Duma Rally, Folks. It’s one hell of a way to chill out ….

  • Article submitted by: “Psycho”Syd Taverner
  • Editor: Angelique Dermit
  • H.O.G.® Photographer: Petrus Prinsloo

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